Frangelico – your hazelnut-shot
The quick way with 20 twirls – straight outta Piemont: take a shotglas, pour Frangelico & toast. Cheers! @Frangelico_de

Rockstars are louder, Rockstars are harder and Rockstars are over the top. They push boundaries, are the last at a party and are reluctant to follow rules. Get your Rockstar Energy Kick at the Hype Festival and experience it yourself!

Starter Black Label is the ultimate premium fashion brand, providing sports- inspired street apparel and headwear, supported by an authentic heritage. Founded in 1971, Starter pioneered the fusion of sports clothing with popular culture as one of the most iconic brands in sports history.

„4Loko is the bomb“ – this alcoholic malt drink from the USA has triggered a real trend. Four Loko is a drink that polarizes – without any doubt. Artists such as Birdman, Young Jeezy, Bun B, Khaled Ricosuave, Josh Gates, Young Trap and the Gwop Gang mentioned the malt drink in their song.



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